The very best of Enya

The Very Best Of Enya – YouTube


Enya, The Very Best of Enya 2009 CD 00:00

– 1. Orinoco Flow (Remastered 2009) 04:28

– 2. Aniron (Album) 07:11

– 3. Storms in Africa (Remastered 2009) 11:16

– 4. Caribbean Blue (Remastered 2009) 15:16

– 5. Book of Days (Remastered 2009) 18:12

– 6. The Celts (Remastered 2009) 21:09

– 7. Only Time (Original Version) 24:47

– 8. Wild Child 28:35

– 9. Water Shows the Hidden Heart 33:15

– 10. Anywhere Is (Remastered 2009) 37:15

– 11. Cursum Perficio (Remastered 2009) 41:24

– 12. Amarantine 44:36

– 13. Aldebaran (Remastered 2009) 47:42

– 14. Trains and Winter Rains 51:26

– 15. Watermark (Remastered 2009) 53:52

– 16. Boadicea (Remastered 2009) 57:24

– 17. A Day without Rain 01:00:01

– 18. May It Be 01hr03min

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Maksim Mrvica Plays Chopin Nocturne in D-flat Op.27 No.2 – YouTube


On the soft sandy beach, played a four-year old boy, filling his bucket with sand. With a serious expression on his face hit his hands in the sand, pushed, pulled over and empty cans, always disappointed that so little of sand fell out of his clenched fist.  What he is determined he caught and pressed harder, to be more sand to seep between the fingers, rather than it arrived in the bucket. It would not help him all the accumulated anger that never occurred to turn the palms to shovel, so the open palm managed to insert much more sand than the clenched fist.  Theorem which occurred this child, the lesson of life. Life is like sand. Much more it fits on the open palm, rather than the fist. When you want to have a narrow clutching him, and with the egoistic certainty to keep embracing him, then he just collapsed from a solid grip, and arm remain eerily empty.  Just when life receive with open arms and wearing his wealth in the hands of open storage of eternity, can be considered to have true wealth. If you’re so gave their lives, he secured himself more offspring than there are sands on the seashore.