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Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus

August 14, 2012 By Rebecca Hamilton 66 Comments

What would it take to make you deny Christ? Would you deny Jesus to save your life? Would you deny Him to save your child’s life? What would it take for you to turn your back on Jesus? Christians die for their faith all over the world, right now, this minute. Christians are raped, splashed with acid, stoned, beheaded, sold into slavery every minute of every day because they refuse to deny Jesus. They are the martyrs of our times, and we, who are not facing martyrdom, do very little to … [Read More…]


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Oda to Love

Corcovado jesus

Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Hvalospjev ljubavi (1 Kor 13, 1-13)
Kad bih sve jezike ljudske govorio i anđeoske,
a ljubavi ne bih imao,
bio bih mjed što ječi
ili cimbal što zveči.

Kad bih imao dar prorokovanja
i znao sva otajstva
i sve spoznanje;
i kad bih imao svu vjeru
da bih i gore premještao,
a ljubavi ne bih imao – ništa sam!

I kad bih razdao sav svoj imutak
i kad bih predao tijelo svoje da se sažeže,
a ljubavi ne bih imao –
ništa mi ne bi koristilo.

Ljubav je velikodušna,
dobrostiva je ljubav,
ne zavidi,
ljubav se ne hvasta,
ne nadima se;
nije nepristojna,
ne traži svoje,
nije razdražljiva,
ne pamti zlo;
ne raduje se nepravdi,
a raduje se istini;
sve pokriva, sve vjeruje,
svemu se nada, sve podnosi.
Ljubav nikad ne prestaje.

Prorokovanja? Uminut će.
Jezici? Umuknut će.
Spoznanje? Uminut će.
Jer djelomično je naše spoznanje,
i djelomično prorokovanje.
A kada dođe ono savršeno,
uminut će ovo djelomično.
Kad bijah nejače,
govorah kao nejače,
mišljah kao nejače,
rasuđivah kao nejače.
A kad postadoh zreo čovjek,
odbacih ono nejačko.
Doista, sada gledamo kroza zrcalo,
u zagonetki, a tada – licem u lice!

Sada spoznajem djelomično,
a tada ću spoznati savršeno,
kao što sam i spoznat!
A sada: ostaju vjera, ufanje i ljubav
– to troje –
ali najveća je među njima ljubav.



God of freedom,
You do not cease to go out of Yourself
to give Yourself to others
in the pure spontaneity of your love,
so that in following Jesus of Nazareth,
Your Son and our Lord,
we may have the courage to risk life itself
for freedom,sustained in our weakness and fear
by the Spirit who makes us free.

Give us the gift, Lord Jesus,
to be, like You, free in love,
committed to the truth
and justice of the Kingdom,
so as to seek nothing else
but faithfulness to the Father
ready to pay the price of freedom
in our own persons.
O Lord, grant that we may never be
people of structured lives,
or political revolutionaries,
or puritanical ascetics,
or creature s incapable of solitude,
but free persons,
free from ourselves,

From things, from others,
in the boundless confidence
of the Father’s love,
in the generous risk taking of love for others.

Holy Spirit of freedom,
infuse in us freedom of heart,
the joy and peace of a reconciled life,
received as a gift from You,
spent in faithful service,
especially of those who do not know freedom.

Freed from the prison of the present,
we will thus welcome
the coming Kingdom of freedom in ourselves
and in the history of Your people on earth,
our fellow pilgrims.
Amen. Alleluia!
Prayer by Bruno Forte