For You

         This is a Rose,
for You.
  This is my word
for Love.
  Deep down in my heart-You are in silence.
  Love,if I done something what hurt You-take me anything but You.Do not bring me back in time when I was without You.
You are my word for Love.

The Bird and the Rose

  My beloved,

You do know story of the bird and the Rose.
“Rose is a rose is a rose” like Gertruda Stein ones said..
I came here to “be with” You.I am looking for the night silence and in glance I saw a Naithingale..
Tears stoped,words unspoken..
Do You remember the end of story?

My Love,please,do not leave me in this joungle

A Lady Woolf

   Have You ever heard of Lady woolf?
  I knew one.She was beautiful.I adore Nature,she is no creative like a woman,like a Mother Earth.She is loyal,honest,proud,coreggious,fearless.
Lot of times I was thinking about Her,what happened with Her in life.